Sorath, named after a Fallen Angel that's code is 666 which is the very same code as the Anti-Christ in Christian Mythology, is one of the many children of Dumat (Dragon of Silence) and among the few rare Divine Children of Dumat. He is known as the Dragon of the Apocalypse



It is unknown the exact time that Sorath was created is unknown other than the fact that his other parent was Zazikel, the Dragon of Chaos, giving him a very pure and powerful heritage.

Possession Edit

The Maker descided that he needed to restore his faith in Humanity and sent one of his divine children to Thedas whom possessed the body of a woman whom became known as Andraste, Sorath sensed his Grandfather's plot and so set about to counter Andraste's success by projecting his soul from its prison and into the body of an Archon of Tevinter: Archon Hessarian.

Through controling Hessarian, Sorath was able to have Andraste captured through the manipilation of Maferath and have Andraste burned to death, he abandoned Hessarian's body whom went mad and killed himself. Sorath then went on to possess a powerful Apostate to start both the Dark Chantry and Imperial Chantrywhich he commanded until his Host's death, he then returned to slumber, once again causing the undermining of the Maker that his parents had started centuries before.