A Sentient Abomination was a Abomination whom retained some or all of their Humanity while expressing the incredible powers of being partenered to a spirit, in the Original Game, one such Abomination would be Flemeth.

Background InformationEdit

Though it is rare, the possibility of a Sentient Abomination became apparent to the Chantry, whom attempted to Hunt Sentient Abominations when they were young for fear of what they would become.

Many were missed however whom went to ground, such an Abomination was known as Flemeth whom was a Witch of the Korcari Wilds, she was said to have lived for a LONG time while killing any Templars that came to her lands seeking to kill her.

Others came in the form of Adrian Cousland, Quitch Demuna and Sevorath Tabrill, setting off a Thousand Year Old Plan to put the World back into the Hands of man by refusing the Maker.

Known Sentient Abominations and their Partners:Edit

Old God Abominations:Edit