There are a number of Relics made by the Maker to hold providence over Thedas however many were lost when the Tevinter Imperium took hold on Thedas and the Angel Dragon Tiamat lost the Maker's favour and was cast down as Dumat, the Dragon of Silence.


The Relics main function is to gather and collect energy of its own making, gathering power enough so that even in their contained form they are still considered the strongest of weapons, if a being with divine power then not only is the full power of the Relic revealed but so is its true form and it allows the user to channel the Divine energy as a weapon.

List of RelicsEdit

  • Maker's Longsword
  • Maker's Greatsword
  • Maker's Shortsword
  • Magic Bane Longsword
  • Maker's Handheld Shield
  • Maker's Bangle Shield
  • Unknown number of others