"After Dumat and his Kin were sealed away, the maker created Seven Holy Dragons to do his bidding in place of the Old Gods that had been cast down, these Holy Dragons also existed as a 'Failsafe' to make sure that Dumat and his Kin never managed to overthrow the Maker should it come down to civil war amoungst the Gods" - Secret Recordings of Andraste.

Noted in the ChantryEdit

The Chantry was very hateful of Dragons ever since the Tevinter Imperium when the First and Second Sins were commited that gave birth to the Archdemon, Dumat, Dragon God of Silence. Upon learning of the recordings of Andraste that was scriptured by her before her death they learned of the Dormant Golden Dragons of the Maker led by the Golden Dragon Bahamut, it is also revealed that Dumat is short for Tiamat, the elder brother of Bahamut who was cast out of the Maker's favour after the First Sin.

Rise of the Dark GodsEdit

Awakening of BahamutEdit

Bahamut began his awakening with the unnatural return of Dumat, the Dragon of Silence or Tiamat, King of Black Dragons. Dumat's personality was destroyed as his body was crafted into a dark verison of the Blood Dragon Armor Set, his power and knowledge was turned into an orb of energy which could be absorbed by a Darksider however to awaken Dumat's control of the Taint they required a powerful opposing force, to do this they needed Dumat's Brother: Bahamut, to manifest from the Fade as ruler of the Golden Dragons which both Dumat and Bahamut found themselves the guests of twins.