A huge tainted Raven that has two specific forms, it serves its Master Adrian Cousland much like that of a Mabari, the Raven (as its first form is known as) is dangerous as it inflicts the Taint onto other Animals in comes into contact with.


With the DarksidersEdit

Gryphon's past is unknown however it is shown that Adrian found it under attack one day by Blight Wolves and desicided to help the poor beast, heavily injured it came to Cloroth and Remeth to heal the bird, therefore it became a work of scientific engineering. It was a Darksider, a Raven that could transform into a Large Black Gryphon which spited the Gryphons of the Grey Wardens, therefore it was named Gryphon as a furthur insult to the Grey Wardens and killed a number of them at Ostagar.

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