Adrian Cousland's Lover whom takes on the name Zodiark, he was seen training under Teroare.


Pre-Dragon Age: OriginsEdit


Datri was born a Prince of Antiva, his family line being the current rulers since time immorial, early in his youth he discovered that he had

Datri - As Prince

Magical Capabilities and it was revealed by his Grandfather that the first of the "Hollow" Family was actually a high ranked Magister in the Tevinter Imperium. Due to the presence of the Antivan Crows, Magic Users of all kinds were well welcome in Antiva, never having to worry about the risk to their own life.

Datri was taught how to use a number of different magic abilities including Blood Magic and Arcane Warrior Capabilities, he soaked up the knowledge like a sponge before the Chantry attemped to have a Templar Task Force kidnap and kill the young prince, the Antivan Crows loyal to Datri's Family instead killed the Templars before they got the chance.

He held a place of high prestige until his parents were killed by Antivan Crow members and his Uncle (whom is later revealed to be the one whom heired the Crows and began Militarizing his nation with the Crows' assassinations being the frontline act) became Regent to the Throne, Datri was blamed for the Civil War Chaos that followed and was banished causing his Younger Brother to be a face for their Uncle's Policies.

"Darksiders Series" History Edit



Seeking Revenge, Datri was approched by Teroare of the Darksiders whom offered him a place in the Darksiders to: "burn the world to recreate the old", Datri accepted and for a time was Teroare's favourite going by the name of "Zodiark". Later when Adrian Cousland was pressed to join, he was dropped from being Teroare's favourites which Zodiark expected as much due to the different stronger recruits Teroare had taken interest in, promoting Zodiark to see a Coup within the Darksiders.