The Dark Chantry, as it appears in Wayward Saviour, is an Organization of powerful Mages and Sentient Abominations that plan to reveive the Old Gods as well as Overthrow the Chantry.



Similar to the original Chantry, the Dark Chantry had a being of importance and power similar to Andraste the supposed wife of the Maker, seemingly Adrian Cousland knows the Being rather well stating that the guy's spirit still lives today as a Child of Dumat: Sorath, Dragon of the Apocalypse. The Dark Chantry's first action was to start up the Imperial Chantry in Tevinter as a mean of distracting the original Chantry in Orlais while it subverted the Chantry's support and Mage resources, to the present day they have become a band of Apostates and Maleficar which a private army acting as their "Templars", they are secretly based around Thedas and intent to overthow the Chantry.

Notable Members and Rank:Edit