Hades' Location

Map of Ferelden with the location of Hades on it

The Island is the Homeland of the Darkspawn and before that it was controled by the Dwarves as their original homeland, it is located north of West Hill and North-West of Highever, despite the size of the sea or map it is rather large in its size and holds some of the highest buildings known to man, problem being that a dome of Taint energy around it causes the island to be invisible and those who sail directly towards are teleported onto the opposite side, ships from within the dome can sail out however.


The Island has two mountains:

  1. One looks like the path leading up to the Anvil of the Void however the difference is that there is a giant black door there created by the Old Gods, Adrian has announced that he needs all of the Maker's Relics to open it and has come to believe that the door leads him to the Black City and therefore Everlasting Darkness. He came to this belief since after the Black City was Tainted the Fade became Darker and more dangerous, he also believes that within that City rests the Heart of Creation and therefore the Heart of Everything that Lives, Adrian wants to upsurp the Maker or at least force him to direct his attention to the Races of Thedas which he abandoned.
  2. The Second and Larger still Mountain is actually more hollow than a Volcano as it is actually the Dwarven Fortress "Voxen" and at the heart of that Fortress rests Fort Obsidian which is a large spire made of Lyrium as a means to conquor the world, the entire mountain and its contence were tainted since it held a direct link with the Golden City before and after it was Tainted.

Before "Voxen" there are a number of walls and Gates from the Dwarven Tunnels, each area is split up into districts and there are four districts outside the Central District that surrounds "Voxen".

List of LocationsEdit

  • Door to Darkness
  • Mountain of Darkness
  • Plane of Darkness
  • Northern District
  • Southern District
  • Eastern District
  • Western District
  • Central District
  • Fortress "Voxen"
  • Fort Obsidian
  • Baracaded District - The Dwarven Tunnels Entances/Exits
  • Naval District
  • Beach of Nothingness